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Buy CBD oil - the trend for more health

CBD oil is very trendy, and more and more people have already discovered the product for themselves. CBD oil is a natural product, which was extracted from the hemp plant and can now be purchased conveniently online. We provide you with all the valuable information you need to make no mistakes when buying CBD oil!

What is CBD and what does it have to do with the cannabis plant?

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids that have been discovered in the cannabis plant so far. The extract is said to have various positive effects, and many private users use CBD to increase their well-being.

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol and can only be extracted from the cannabis plant. The substance is used to make full-spectrum oil and many other products. CBD oils are the most common dosage form, for maximum quality you should always choose a premium CBD oil.

What is CBD oil and what are CBD drops?

The term CBD drops is most commonly used as a synonym for CBD oil, another term is hemp oil. It is a combination of cannabidiol and a carrier oil, which then makes the substance a cannabidiol oil. In most cases, the carrier oil comes from the hemp plant itself; a high-quality CBD oil is made with organic hemp seed oil or organic MCT oil, for example.

However, you also have the option of using several drops of sunflower oil, linseed oil or nut oil when producing CBD oil yourself, provided you can tolerate the ingredients. You can also buy an appropriate CBD oil on the market if you do not want to use hemp oil or MCT oil as a carrier oil for your CBD.

How is a full spectrum CBD oil made?

A full-spectrum oil contains the entire plant potential of hemp, which is why the oils are so popular. The hemp plant is made up of valuable components, it contains cannabinoids and is full of terpenes. Through various extraction processes, these components are removed, which does not affect the quality, but it does affect the effect.

Terpenes and cannabinoids are responsible for the entourage effect. The composition of cannabinoids and terpenes increases the effectiveness, which is called the entourage effect. A full spectrum oil contains exactly this mixture. The effect is not unique to hemp plants but is a general synergistic effect that can occur when different ingredients from nature are combined.

However, the term entourage effect actually originated from cannabis research. In 1964, there was a study that found that CBD and THC were among the most important cannabinoids.

However, they also found that the two cannabinoids were only part of the cannabis plant’s effect. It became clear that other cannabinoids that have not been as widely researched and terpenes have a significant impact on potency. The term entourage effect was born. If terpenes are not filtered out, the CBD oil is called broad spectrum oil.

What is the CBD content of CBD oil?

On a full spectrum oil and all other CBD oils you will always find a percentage. This tells you how high the concentration of your CBD oil is. Common values are 5%, 10% and 20%. You will also find higher dosages on the market, but rather rare. The hemp oil is offered in a 10 ml bottle.

If you want to know what the CBD content per dose is, because you use only a few drops of CBD oil, there is a simple calculation formula for which you need the following information:

  • the total amount of CBD per 10 ml bottle
  • the content of the bottle in ml

The calculation is then as follows: [CBD content in mg] divided by [10 ml (bottle size)] = [CBD content in mg/ml].

What are the health benefits of CBD oil?

More and more people are using CBD oil, but for what reason? For thousands of years, it has been known that the hemp plant contains valuable ingredients that can serve the well-being. For a long time, the best known was the consumption of hemp in the form of marijuana, however, with a few exceptions, this is not allowed.

The effect of CBD has been increasingly researched for several years and the number of products has improved significantly. Full spectrum oil, in particular, plays an important role and is available in different varieties. The three main benefits of CBD are reported by users to be:

  • anti-inflammation
  • mental calming
  • cosmetic benefits

Micro, standard and macro dosage – what’s the difference?

There are good reasons why there is such a wide range of CBD oils and why the production does not only provide for a standard size. Firstly, the effect occurs differently for each user and secondly, you can treat different ailments with different products. In the classic use of a CBD oil, you distinguish between micro dosing, standard dosing and macro dosing.

Micro dosing:

If you favor a micro-dosing of your CBD oil, use between 0.5 and 20 mg of CBD per day. This type of dosage is recommended especially for stress, disturbed well-being, melancholy and winter blues, sleep disorders or mild pain.

Standard dosage:

It is the classic in the use of CBD oil and relies on the extensive effectiveness of hemp. The amount of CBD you use per day is between 20 and 100 mg in the standard dosage. This dosage is most commonly used for osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, moderate pain, depression, and mental issues like anxiety.

Macro dosing:

Some people want to take full advantage of their full-spectrum oil and rely on macro dosing with a CBD content of 400 mg per day. This dosage is used for side effects of chemotherapy, severe chronic pain, significant psychological problems, and severe acute pain.

Please note that this is not a starting dose, and you should never start with a high starter dose.

CBD oils vs. CBD capsules - what is the difference?

If you don’t like the aroma of CBD oil, you have the option of using other products. You could, for example, use capsules that ultimately contain nothing other than CBD oil, but are encased in a capsule shell. You can also find different concentrations of CBD in CBD capsules. CBD capsules do not belong to the medical products and on many products, you will even find the note that you should not take the CBD oil. But with capsules, it is clear that you have to take them orally, which is why only a few retailers offer them.

The advantages of CBD capsules are that you can avoid the smell of CBD oil. In addition, you use the capsules inconspicuously, whereas the use of a broad-spectrum oil is rather conspicuous. In addition, you have the advantage that you can easily transport your capsules from A to B and always have them ready, even on vacation (if your travel country allows it).

The disadvantages of CBD capsules are not to be disregarded, however, and mainly concern the effect. Oils are absorbed very quickly, and a full-spectrum CBD oil begins to take effect just 20 minutes after application. Capsules, on the other hand, need to be digested in the stomach first, which slows down the effectiveness. Also, if you don’t like swallowing pills, switching from CBD oil to capsules isn’t much of a gamble.

Which CBD oil is the best choice?

You may be wondering how you can tell the quality of a CBD oil, since you won’t get to see the cannabis plant, of course. Is it a matter of luck if you’re getting a high-quality product, and does it make a difference if you choose a broad-spectrum oil or a full spectrum oil for you? In fact, the hemp plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids that are retained (full spectrum) or filtered (isolate) depending on the product.

The CBD broad spectrum extract is completely stripped of THC. Individually isolated cannabinoids are blended together to mimic the effect of full-spectrum CBD. There are only marginal products between broad spectrum CBD oil and full spectrum CBD, so the two terms are often used interchangeably.

CBD Isolate is a special form and consists of almost pure CBD. It is then mixed with a hemp oil. The valuable terpenes and flavonoids no longer contain these CBD oils, as the active ingredient from the hemp plant is almost exclusively cannabidiol. A CBD isolate can of course not keep up with the quality and is in no way to be compared with a full-spectrum CBD oil. In this case, the above-mentioned entourage effect comes into play, which does not occur with isolate.

What should I really look for when buying CBD oil?

You can find a lot of CBD oils and products online, so it is not always easy to find the right product for your taste. The quality is largely dependent on the production and growth of the hemp plant. Let’s take a closer look at the most important factors:

  • Origin: When buying cannabidiol oils, it is important that you pay attention to where the hemp comes from and where the product was produced. The raw materials should be grown sustainably, and the working conditions of the employees during production are also important. If you fall back on EU-certified goods from regional suppliers, you can spend from good quality.
  • Cultivation: An important characteristic of quality is also the cultivation, which must be done according to organic principles. Hemp should be free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. A cheap cultivation method has the disadvantage for hemp that the plant cannot develop its full effectiveness.
  • CBD content: When you buy CBD oil, pay attention not only to the concentration itself, but also to how much active ingredient is really contained. The milligram amount should always be declared so that you can compare the oils with each other. Also, make sure that your CBD oil is of organic quality and that you know where the hemp oil comes from as a carrier oil.
  • Quality Control: If you are using cannabidiol as an oil, quality control during the manufacturing process is extremely important. This way, you can be sure that you are holding a good CBD organic product in your hand. An example of this would be a GMP certification, which you can also find here.
  • Personal preferences: Your personal preferences also play a role, because whether you choose a full-spectrum oil or prefer to opt for a CBD extract as an isolate depends on your needs. Basically, however, hemp oil is almost always the better option, as CBD drops develop their effectiveness faster than an extract.
  • THC content: Besides cannabidiol, THC is the best-known cannabinoid that comes from the hemp plant. Since CBD oil is legal in Germany and most EU countries, it does not induce intoxication. According to EU regulations, CBD oils may contain a maximum of 0.2 percent THC and must be able to prove this.

How fast can CBD oil work?

You have already heard a lot, CBD oils help against pain, the drops protect against stress and much more. But how fast does a CBD oil really work? Can the drops replace a classic tablet for headaches and how long does a 10 ml bottle actually last? Many questions that we try to decipher.

How fast CBD works depends on how you use it. If you try capsules, you’ll notice that they work less quickly than drops. On average, a CBD oil is absorbed within 20-45 minutes, and you can expect to see the maximum effectiveness of your dosage after an hour at the latest. The CBD oil then works for about 4 to 6 hours.

If you swallow the CBD oil directly, because you do not like it, it takes longer until the bioavailability has reached your body. The same applies to CBD capsules, which show their first effects after 30 – 90 minutes. The duration of effect is 6 – 8 hours. If you take the capsules with some oil, for example an organic coconut oil or a hemp oil, the effect occurs somewhat faster.

You can also use CBD as a cosmetic product, in creams, lotions and tinctures CBD is supposed to help against various skin diseases and prevent wrinkles. It takes an average of 30 minutes for the skin to fully absorb CBD (local effect). The skin absorbs the active ingredient but does not pass it on to the bloodstream.

What are the uses of CBD oil?

Hemp is a cultivated plant, and it has been used thousands of years ago against various ailments. Today mostly available as organic CBD oil, there are various areas of application. Primarily, it is about increasing one’s well-being, but initial studies suggest that various ailments can also benefit from taking a CBD oil.


Note, however, that most reports of experience with CBD oil today do not yet come from science, but from experienced users who have been taking CBD oil for a long time. However, research is being done diligently, because science also wants to know if CBD drops can even replace or overtake the effectiveness of cannabis as a medical product in the future.

Use of CBD oil for pain

Hemp is said to have a pain-relieving effect, this has been known for decades. Online, there are now numerous testimonials from people who want to help themselves with an organic CBD oil for discomfort. These are almost always positive; the effectiveness is confirmed more clearly from review to review. An effect that has not remained hidden from research and therefore scientists are doing everything to decipher why CBD oil can have such a positive effect on various pains.

CBD oil is not a painkiller, which can be compared with classical orthodox medical products. However, there have been early scientific indications that for chronic pain, the use of CBD oil could lead to a reduction in the dose of painkillers. But remember that such a reduction must always be discussed with your doctor, no natural product, neither MCT oil nor CBD oil can take away your pain alone as a miracle cure.

Use of CBD oil for psychological complaints

You’re anxious, dreading the next exam, and your cortisol levels are almost always high? These are moments when experienced users turn to CBD oil to calm themselves down. CBD oil is said to have a calming effect on the human (and animal) organism. Some users are convinced that only thanks to CBD oil they can start the day again with more vigor and less stress, and without negative influences like a “high”.

Use of CBD Oil in Epilepsy

Interesting scientific research is taking place in the use of CBD in the context of epilepsy. There is evidence from users that taking CBD has reduced the frequency of seizures. Unfortunately, there are no sound scientific statements on this topic yet. However, since the WHO has classified CBD as safe, taking it can make sense in cases of epilepsy after consultation with a doctor.

Use of CBD for osteoarthritis

When bone cartilage degenerates, this leads to restricted movement and pain. The clinical picture is called osteoarthritis and is very painful. Testimonials from active users report that,

Other areas of application of CBD oil

The above examples are just a few areas where people would like to find relief with CBD oil. There are many more areas of application, whether the CBD oil really works is always a matter of personal experience. Whether anxiety, ADHD, various mental illnesses, chronic headaches, inflammatory bowel diseases or even obesity – there is hardly an area of application where CBD oil has not yet been tried by anyone.

The 10 ml vial is a standard aid for many sick and worried people.

Important: If you are using CBD for the first time and are also using medications prescribed by your doctor, ask for safety! CBD is usually compatible with other medications, but whether there are interactions in individual cases, only your doctor can really answer.

CBD oil in animals – it can also be helpful here.

You may have heard that CBD can also help your animal buddy. In fact, there are even veterinarians who recommend CBD for the treatment of restlessness, anxiety, or even bone problems in dogs, horses, and cats. One thing to note here is that full spectrum oil is not suitable for cats because it contains not only CBD, but also THC & terpenes. Cats cannot process these substances and therefore there are separate oils for this range. An organic CBD oil can reportedly help your animal buddy if you are planning a move and the dog is scared, if your pet is generally anxious, or if bone disease has occurred.

Again, ask your vet for advice beforehand and always choose a good organic product. For this you pay on average a little more than for a cheap CBD product, but the effectiveness is also measured by the quality. You and your pet will definitely benefit more from a premium CBD oil.

Can CBD have side effects when taken?

You’ve been turning your 10 ml vial left and right, but can’t find any indication of whether CBD has side effects? That’s normal because CBD is not a medical product. The WHO made it clear at the time that CBD is a safe remedy. Nevertheless, there is hardly any remedy in this world that cannot have side effects somewhere (even if on a small scale). Even the probiotic yogurt can cause you a stomachache if you eat too much of it or your stomach is simply not designed for its use.

There are no scientifically proven side effects of CBD so far. They may or may not occur and also depend on the dosage. If you use a 10 ml vial at a time, you won’t get life-threatening sickness, but you will most likely experience abdominal pain and other discomfort. Dosing your CBD too high to begin with can also bring on some mild side effects. These include:

  • Sleepiness during the day
  • Dry mucous membranes, which does not disappear even with fluid intake
  • Problems with falling asleep
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Diarrhea, abdominal pain and flatulence
  • Decreased appetite
  • Important: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby, you should not use CBD, as there are no studies regarding its effects yet!

Buy CBD online or at the pharmacy?

You can already buy CBD in most pharmacies today, because the popularity of the small 10 ml vials is increasing rapidly. This is because you can get advice from the pharmacist, and he can also check interactions with medications. Against the pharmacy and for the online store speaks that the selection is significantly larger at a reputable CBD store on the net. You can get the 10 ml bottle here in different versions, various concentrations, and organic quality. You don’t have to do without advice online, as you can easily see from the text you are reading right now. A clear advantage that often arises compared to the expensive products from the stationary trade is that well-known brands with other labels supply both pharmacies, drugstores, and online stores. With a reputable online store with corresponding customer reviews, you can usually be sure to hold an expensive premium product in your hands.

How much does a good CBD oil cost?

If you want to buy CBD online, you will almost always save money compared to buying it at the pharmacy. Cannabidiol is expensive, a classic CBD oil costs on average at least 25 euros but can also be more expensive. It depends on how high the concentration is and whether you want to buy just one bottle or several. If you take CBD anyway, then it is worth buying several bottles. For example, with us you pay 33.80 euros for a single bottle of a full-spectrum oil at 10 percent. The price of a single bottle is reduced to 26.30 euros if you buy 10 bottles at once, which is definitely worth it for long-term CBD users.

Conclusion: CBD is currently the subject of research and is already popular now.

CBD is currently being researched by many scientists but has long since caught on with users. Unlike THC, CBD is legal in Germany, and you can use your oil anytime, anywhere without fears. When buying CBD, however, always look for optimal quality and refrain from buying from non-European countries. There are countries where THC is legal and therefore can be included in the oil alongside CBD. In Germany, Austria, and other European countries, this can lead to significant problems. The CBD oil that you can buy from us is produced according to the guidelines of the European Union and can be used by you without any concerns.

Why CBD Alive?

At CBD Alive you buy CBD oil in test-winning quality. The entire breeding, cultivation and further processing is done in an Austrian company using highly developed technology at the cutting edge.

Only plants from organic cultivation are used for the production of the hemp extract. This allows us to determine the best possible combination of ingredients already in the plant.

Furthermore, we already pay attention to particularly healthy and robust plants during cultivation, which means that we do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We work exclusively according to organic standards.

Healthy plants naturally also provide the best ingredients.

Cultivation takes place completely protected, in special glass houses, so that contamination by environmental toxins (e.g., fine dust) is considerably reduced.

The most important steps in cultivation, especially propagation and harvesting, are done by hand. This allows continuous quality checks by the human eye on each individual plant.

For the processing of the plants to the extract, a technology based on CO2 extraction developed in partnership is used. This also guarantees that only the best of the plant gets into CBD Alive products. Permanent quality controls by our state-of-the-art partner laboratory ensure a continuous and fast check of all products and source materials.

CBD Alive offers, with its unique process in Europe, Austrian cannabidiol oil from firsthand.

Why is CO2 extraction used to produce CBD oils?

For the gentle extraction of natural substances, supercritical carbon dioxide is the most suitable extraction agent. The machine itself operates in a pressure range of 150-250bar under temperatures of 40-55°C. Carbon dioxide itself can be described neither as a gas nor as a liquid already from a temperature of 31°C. Therefore, in this range it is called supercritical or supercritical. This state fulfills the perfect combination to combine the best of both worlds. On the one hand it covers all the advantages of a gas such as transport and flow properties and on the other hand it provides properties such as solubility of substances that only a liquid can offer.


Mainly one finds the use of supercritical carbon dioxide in extractions of solid substances. From an ecological point of view, there are already numerous studies with the work of this substance, especially from the food industry. Examples would be the decaffeination of coffee, production of low-fat meat and low-fat butter. The clear advantage here is that after the product has been extracted, the carbon dioxide volatilizes back into the gaseous state at normal room temperature and is therefore harmless to the human or animal organism. The environment is also greatly protected because, in contrast to other extractions, the CO2 can be recycled.

CBD Oil Filtering Stages of Co2 Extraction

In the first picture you can see well our initial starting material of the CBD oil which can also be called hemp blend, this consists of many parts of the hemp plant such as its CBD flowers.

In the second image, a large portion of all chlorophyll has been filtered out, typically the dark strong color.

In the third picture you can already see how all the waxes have been removed.

In the fourth picture, our raw extract is in the highest purity in terms of cannabinoid concentration. An easy mnemonic for this is “The lighter the material, the purer and higher the cannabinoid concentration.

Buy high quality CBD oil in test winner quality.

Cultivated 100% under organic conditions from Austrian hemp plants. Our premium CBD oils are not only available as full spectrum but also as broad spectrum (without THC content).  To guarantee the highest quality standards, we work in the production and bottling according to GMP standards, which are also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Full spectrum & CBD drops

Our full spectrum oils have less than 0.2 percent THC, and high quality organic MCT oil is used as a carrier.

What is MCT OIL?

This coconut-based carrier oil is known for its positive effects and is used in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, it is characterized by its odor & taste neutrality.

Buy CBD oil for your pet in the highest quality?

Cannabidiol oil for dogs, cats, and horses. As a premium supplier of high-quality hemp products, we can also cover this area in its entirety.

Questions about cannabidiol (CBD)

What CBD products are available?

There are CBD capsules, CBD flowers, CBD oils, crystals, pastes, and ointments.

How should I store my CBD oil?

It is best to store it always cool and protected from direct sunlight.

From which plants are the products in the online store extracted?

Our products are obtained from hemp plants of the European Catalogue of Commercial Hemp Varieties.

What happens in the CBD oil production and what types are there?

For the production of CBD oil extracted from plants, one has to extract the Phyto cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. This is possible with the help of CO2 or other solvents such as butane, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or even hexane.

Known types are the CO2 extraction, carbon dioxide extraction, ethanol extraction, oil extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, and oil extraction.

What method is used to produce CBD Alive oils?

After years of experience, our oils are produced by a gentle CO2 extraction process.

This has the advantage that the nutrients are completely preserved. The biomass, the plant material, is gently extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide. This way we obtain a raw extract with the full spectrum of the plant.

For CBD Alive’s oils, we use only safe CO2 gas, which is one hundred percent fully recyclable and produces no waste or environmental impact. Further prudent purification measures perfect our extraction process. Finally, only products of the highest perfection leave our production facilities.

What is meant by the well-known Entourage Effect?

The “Entourage Effect” describes how the multitude of plant substances achieve a higher organic activity through an optimal synergy effect. A positive influence on this effect enhancement can be achieved by the addition of terpenes.

How high can the CBD content be in oils?

The concentration of the CBD content ranges from 5% to 25%, at 40% and more one speaks of pastes.

Can CBD be used for aromatherapy in cases of low blood pressure, normal blood pressure or orthostatic hypotension?

For this we always recommend consultation with a doctor and advise against experimentation.

Is CBD legal in Europe?

CBD is generally legal, but there is no release for the food industry yet. In order to be released as a food (supplement) it would first have to be successfully registered in terms of the “Novel Food Regulation”.

Such applications have already been submitted to the European Commission. The CBD oils of CBD Alive, are declared as flavor oils in accordance with the legislation.

Even today, CBD Alive’s CBD flavor oils are produced according to food standards. No pesticides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers are used in the cultivation of the highly aromatic hemp plants according to GACP standards. Due to the rich terpene profile (terpenes are natural plant substances), the products are particularly suitable as a flavoring. Flavors are usually used in small dosages drop by drop.

Is cannabidiol a prescription drug?

No, it is not a prescription drug.

What is the difference between CBD oils and hemp oils?

The difference lies in the parts of the plant from which the oils are extracted and subsequently in the ingredients contained therein. CBD oils are characterized by the cannabinoid CBD contained in them, which is found in the leaves, flowers, and stems of the hemp plant. After complex extraction processes, this is bottled together with a carrier oil and sold as CBD oil, whereby the carrier oil can be hemp oil.

Hemp (seed) oil, on the other hand, is pressed from the hemp seeds, which, unlike the rest of the plant, contain no cannabinoids and thus no CBD. Hemp oil is mainly used as an edible oil and is rich in valuable nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids.