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Resina CBD

El CBD probablemente sea conocido por la mayoría de ustedes solo como una variante en aceite, pero el hachís de CBD de alta calidad también es una forma de dosificación interesante que goza de gran popularidad. Al igual que con el cannabis clásico, el término hachís se refiere en realidad a la forma en que se produce.

El hachís y las flores se extraen básicamente de las plantas de cannabis, pero después de la cosecha, el procesamiento es diferente. A continuación, aprenderás exactamente qué es el hachís y qué puedes esperar de él.

Hash (CBD Hash) at a glance

CBD is generally extracted from commercial hemp plants, which must be grown with care in the EU. CBD pollinate, as CBD hash is also called, is extracted from flowers of a female cannabis plant.

Depending in the culture, there are many different ways of producing pollinates. In most cases, CBD hash is extracted by classical sieving, and further processing is then carried out as with classical hashish.

However, the THC content of all products is always below 0.2 %, the limit permitted in the EU.

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash (also called hashish, pollinate or hash) is made from compressed resin and pollen and is considered a flower extract. The resin-rich flowers of the hemp plant are used for the production.

The CBD content of hash can be significantly higher than that of a classic oil, which is why this dosage form of cannabidiol is also very popular.

Similar to the flowers themselves, CBD hash is available in different varieties and with different aromas. However, the CBD varieties produced by resins have one thing in common: the THC content is less than 0.2%.

How is CBD hash produced?

To produce CBD hash, the resins of the flowers are needed. They are extracted with the help of a pollen shaker, which must then be kept in a cool place. After several hours, the resin is extracted by shaking the shaker briefly and strongly.

The first quantity can now be taken. In order for CBD hash to have the same concentration as classic hash, the raw material is pressed with strong pressure.

Depending on the variety, the production methods vary, which can have an influence on the cannabidiol content and the aroma.

What are the benefits of CBD hash?

The benefits of hemp are probably known to most of you. It is also clear that the EU has set a maximum limit of 0.2% THC for legal cannabis products. However, the quality doesn’t have to be worse because CBD hash is said to be better than other cannabidiol preparations without THC. According to users, CBG and CBD products are very helpful in everyday life. In general, hemp is associated with many positive properties, one of the reasons why cannabis with classic THC content is also prescribed by some doctors.

Does CBD hash get you high?

CBD hash or hash made from CBG does not make you high, as the THC content is below 0.2%. This is true for every variety, the composition may vary, but the extracts all have the lack of a high effect in common.

What aroma does CBD hash have?

The aroma depends on various factors, the CBD content is also decisive. Only premium quality hemp plants are used for the production of CBD hash in order to achieve the best possible result. However, the quality also depends on the purity, which can vary from variety to variety. According to information from experienced users, CBD hashish has very different aromas, reminiscent of the classic notes of cannabis containing THC. Flavonoids, which are contained in CBD hash, are also considered valuable secondary plant compounds that can influence the well-being of the body. The extracts also contain a lot of terpenes, which, according to information from other users, offer the optimal synergistic effect. If you want to buy CBD hashish, always look for premium quality so that the aroma can be exploited to the fullest.

How can you use CBD hash?

By heating the CBD hash with the lighter, the resins warm up so that the block can be crumbled more easily. The good quality is then already evident from the smell, which can be very intense. It should be noted, however, that the hash takes on a rubbery surface when heated and can no longer be optimally distributed. In the case of CBD hash, it is said to have proven its worth to crush it and thus make it more usable.

How do you dose CBD hash?

Users dose CBD hash according to their own discretion, as it does not cause a high and therefore there is no upper limit. As a rule, even small amounts are sufficient, as a higher content of CBD or CBG can be expected due to the pressed form. Experience has shown that most people find it helpful to start with smaller amounts and then work their way up to their personal level.

How do you store hashish properly?

When storing CBD or CBG hashish, it is important to put it in an airtight, dry and cool place. Sunlight should be avoided as this can destroy the valuable ingredients. CBD hash can be stored for up to six months without any problems if the right place is found. Here is a small selection of how you can optimally store CBG or CBD hash and preserve the aroma:

  • The violet jar: In a medical violet jar, you can protect your hash from the effects of light and ensure that no moisture forms. These are also good for CBG or CBD in flower form, as further ripening is prevented.
  • The preserving jar: If you want it to be simpler and cheaper, a preserving jar is also a good solution. Here, CBG and CBD hash can be packed germ-free, provided you do not use a jar in which honey or jam was previously stored. The jar can reduce UV rays to a large extent, but you should still store it in a drawer.
  • The vacuum container: You also have the option of storing your CBD hash in a vacuum container. The advantage of this is that the pressure removes all air from the container and your CBD hash stays fresh for a long time. The strong pressure is not harmful for hash, but the classic CBD flower is not suitable for storage in a vacuum.

Is CBD hash legal?

In the case of hemp products, it is only not allowed to trade in products containing THC. Since the THC content of CBD hash is less than 0.2%, it does not fall under the BtMG and can be sold by us and bought by you.

Is hashish addictive?

CBD hash has no addictive potential because it does not contain THC. The WHO has classified products with CBD as harmless and without any potential risk of addiction. For this reason, CBD hash can be traded without any problems in large parts of the world, whereas real cannabis remains prohibited in many regions.