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Cannabis legalization – how does it look in Germany?

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is campaigning for the legalization of cannabis in Germany. The traffic light coalition had declared early on in its term of office that it wanted to allow the dispensing of cannabis to adults in the future. For this purpose, a key points paper was compiled, which sets out the most […]

CBD oil for weight loss – does it work?

Losing weight with CBD oil sounds too good to be true. Can it really work? Who doesn’t dream of feeling good in their own body? Even though we shouldn’t judge other people by the fullness of their bodies, obesity is also a health problem. For several years now, more and more people have been talking […]

CBD interactions with medications

“You know this sentence from advertising and your doctor will probably have given you a lecture on the subject at some point. Side effects are well known to us. They are undesirable effects of drugs or products after taking them. Since CBD is experiencing a real hype, of course we all wonder if the use […]