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Cannabis buds – what it is and what you can do with it

Due to the widespread distribution of CBD cannabis, more and more niche products are also finding their way onto the market. One of them is cannabis buds, about which not so much information is available yet. We know about flowers, extracts and cannabis seeds, but what is actually hiding behind buds? Find out, because we have the answer for you!

The heart of the cannabis plant - what's behind buds

When the flowering phase of the female cannabis plant is over, it is harvested. The part used in this process has always been seen as flowers of the plant, but is that even true? Actually not, because the cannabis bud is not a cannabis flower, but a fruit! But how did the confusion come about? The majority of all cannabis growers refer to the so-called parthenocarpic fruit as a flower, but why? The reason is that such fruits are so rare that they can be easily confused.

The development of a flower with a seed calyx is only possible if fertilization by a male plant occurs at the beginning of the flowering phase. If propagation is omitted, no seeds are formed, but cannabis buds are formed, which are used for various purposes.

Legal or illegal - are buds allowed?

For cannabis growers, the discussion is tricky, because what is actually allowed around the cannabis plant and what is not? We know that classic marijuana and weed are still prohibited in Germany. This applies equally to cultivation and possession. Important political debates are currently underway to legalize hashish, but this is not expected before 2024. For that long, cannabis plants on one’s own windowsill will remain prohibited.

If, on the other hand, the cannabis bud is sold in a store, you can be sure of its legality. At least if it is cannabidiol buds whose THC content is below 0.2%. Also, it is mandatory to use seeds from the EU catalog of varieties.

There are always changes in cannabinoid legislation. You will notice that most stores sell hemp products such as cannabis buds only as flavorings.

How are cannabis buds produced?

Most growers are indoor growers and grow their plants under artificial light. The most important components of the plants are the cannabinoids and terpenes produced, which play a major role in cannabis genetics. To be able to harvest the best buds, the quality of the cannabis seeds is already important. There are significant differences here. Cannabis seeds from reputable producers that have already delivered solid results are best. For new growers, it is also important that cultivation is easy and without complications.

Unlike the production of cannabis seeds, the cultivation and extraction of buds does without pollination. If the female plant was fertilized with male seeds during the flowering phase, it begins to produce new cannabis seeds. However, focus in the extraction of cannabis buds is on the highest possible CBD value and a solid amount of other cannabinoids.

Sativa or Indica - different cannabis buds.

The genetics of the different cannabis buds differ depending on the plants used. The biggest difference is found between sativa varieties and indica varieties. Sativa cannabis grows in warm, humid and tropical regions and are more sensitive to errors in cultivation. Indica strains grow optimally in low humidity and come from areas of nature that are described as cool, harsh and dry. Indicas are much more robust, provided they find appropriate conditions when growing.

What are the components of the cannabis bud?

Marijuana buds are made up of many different components, each with their own influence on potency and cannabinoid content. Here comes a little guide with information about all the components of a flower:

  • The calyx: Unlike flowers, buds of marijuana have not just one, but very many small calyxes. They serve as a sheath for cannabis seeds if the female plant has been pollinated. You can recognize the calyxes by their dense coating of resin, they are very sticky and contain large amounts of cannabinoids.
  • The pistil: The pistil is responsible for the pollination of female cannabis plants. As the plant develops, two stigmas protrude from the pistil. These are covered in tiny white hairs that change color slightly when fertilization occurs or when the plant reaches maturity. If you notice that parts of the hairs take on an orange color, the plant is either fertilized or ready to harvest.
  • Sugar leaves: they look like they have been dusted with sugar. Sugar leaves are full of resin, extremely sticky and covered with trichomes. They are no longer present on the finished bud, and are usually removed. Generally, however, growers do not dispose of them, but use this intense residue for the extraction of trichomes.
  • Trichomes: It is a fact that trichomes are probably the most important component of buds. These tiny glands produce resin and store cannabinoids and terpenes. Studies indicate that trichomes are also responsible for sun protection of the plant. When producing buds, a rich and thick layer of trichomes is a sign of good quality

Are cannabis buds from CBD store legal?

When you buy the bud of a cannabis plant in the CBD store, you can be sure of its legality. The European Union has been dealing with the issue of cannabis for a long time. It seems clear that CBD has no harmful effects on the human body and consequently the process of approval cannot be equated with classic THC. Most recently, the European Court of Justice had to deal with a French store selling Czech CBD-based liquids in a lawsuit.

Since CBD is not a drug and does not fall under the Narcotics Act, the disputed product was not illegal. The ECJ is seeking blanket, Europe-wide regulation. This would mean that you can buy all European products, as long as they are legal and meet the specifications. These are clearly stated. Only seeds that are listed in the EU catalog of varieties may be used in production. In addition, all CBD varieties may contain a maximum of 0.2% THC. As long as the cannabis buds you want meet these conditions, the selection is completely legal.

What are the best cannabis buds?

Aroma, taste, genetics? How can you actually recognize the best cannabis buds? You need to look at this in a more nuanced way, because there is no “one strain” that is guaranteed to be the best. Each plant has different advantages, sativa-heavy buds work differently than indica-dominant buds. But there are a few basic criteria you should always look for. This is how you can recognize high-quality cannabis flowers and buds:

  • Look for a colorful pistil color. It should vary between orange and terracotta. White pistils are a sign that the cannabis flower was harvested too early in the flowering phase. This reduces the amount of CBD and lowers the quality.
  • In the second step, you should check if there is a sticky layer of resin on the plants. When the bud is dried, it should have a nice shine to it. Take a look at suitable pictures to get an impression.
  • Marijuana has an intense smell of its own, regardless of how high the THC content is. If you smell a chemical odor, the cannabis may be contaminated. If marijuana does not smell at all, it is due to a low percentage of trichomes.
  • Pale and light green cannabis usually cannot meet the quality standards of the grower. If it still comes on the market, the quality is low, the flowering phase was interrupted too early. CBD marijuana with rich bright colors offers a stronger experience and more pleasant smell. The color should never appear too dull.

What are CBD cannabis buds used for?

Now that you know what part of cannabis plants are called buds, ask yourself what they are for. Classic marijuana is usually smoked to generate the psychoactive effect. Since such weed is not legal, the THC content of legal buds must be below 0.2%. A high cannot be generated with it. Nevertheless, there are numerous reasons why CBD marijuana has increased in popularity in recent months and years. Also, unlike cannabis, it is legal and may be purchased without fear.

Common uses for CBD cannabis include the following ailments:

  • psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety
  • pain and other physical limitations
  • chronic and acute inflammations
  • sleep disorders and restlessness
  • relaxation and increase of well-being
  • many other complaints like stress, gastrointestinal problems and more

Conclusion: buds are the most important component of marijuana plants

To date, even the most valuable and best buds are still called flower. However, depending on the growth, the declaration is simply wrong, because the bud is a kind of fruit. It is the most important component of any cannabis plant, because it is responsible for the aroma on the one hand, and the maturation of genetics on the other. Seeds are formed in the calyx of the bud only if the plant has been previously fertilized.

After the flowering phase, harvesting takes place and then the cannabis buds are used for different purposes. Further processing into CBD oils and other CBD products is also possible.