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CBD for sleep disorder – how cannabidiol can help

Sleep disorders are not a rare phenomenon; more and more people are affected by them. During the day, we are preoccupied with issues such as work, private life, worries and hardships. Now, when we lie in bed in the evening, it can lead to significant sleep problems. The brain finds no rest, thoughts circle and sometimes pain also causes problems falling asleep and staying asleep. There is increasing evidence that CBD can alleviate sleep disorders. A valuable finding, but is this true at all?

Causes of sleep problems - there are many possibilities

There are those people who go to bed in the evening and sleep immediately. Everyday life stays outside the bedroom door, body and mind relax while sleeping. But then there is another group of people who have sleep disorders or problems sleeping through the night. Anyone who has spent agonizing hours in bed waiting for sleep knows how unpleasant this situation can be. Insomnia can literally make you sick, but where does it actually come from? Here’s an overview of possible reasons why so many people suffer from insomnia:

  • Psychological ailments: Symptoms such as anxiety, illnesses like depression, or even post-traumatic stress disorder can negatively affect the quality of sleep. The brain does not get a rest, sufferers are under constant stress.
  • Side effects: There is a connection between some medications and sleep disorders. If the day-night rhythm is disturbed as a result, sleeping habits can be turned upside down considerably.
  • Caffeine and its consequences: A cup of coffee here, a glass of cola there, and a green tea just before sleep. This has an effect on the circulatory system and can prevent good sleep. In this case, it is usually sufficient to stop consuming caffeine after a certain time of day.
  • Poor sleep hygiene: the bed is too narrow, the mattress too hard and the quality of sleep leaves much to be desired. Such environmental factors make sleeping a pain, even though the necessary tiredness is present. In order to sleep better, it is necessary to change the situation.
  • The wrong sleeping temperature: On average, the temperature in the bedroom should be 18 ° C. If it is too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter, the body cannot find rest. To sleep better, it is advisable to adjust it to personal needs.

In addition to all these reasons, there are other diseases that can result in a lack of sleep. For example, chronic inflammatory pain prevents people from falling asleep, or gastrointestinal complaints prevent a peaceful night’s sleep.

What actually is CBD and how can it work for sleep disorders?

The cannabinoid CBD comes from the hemp plant and is a natural alternative to sleeping pills for many people. The research is not yet so far that it can already publish significant experiences. However, consumers of CBD products repeatedly report its successful use for too much everyday stress and sleep problems. So can the hemp plant help optimize sleep patterns?

Here we need to take a look at the endocannabinoid system. It is the basis for CBD’s effectiveness. This system influences the entire body, can relieve and increase pain, and can also influence sleep patterns. CBD can dock to the endocannabinoid system and thus develop its effectiveness.

CBD is not a sleep hormone, so it works differently than a sleeping pill. It can help alleviate the causes of sleep problems. For example, the use of CBD is repeatedly associated with the relief of everyday stress, anxiety, pain, depression, and restlessness. Practically, CBD works only indirectly, but if the causes of sleep disorders can be eliminated, they almost always disappear by themselves.

Use of CBD for sleep disorders - which preparation works?

CBD is available in different variants. CBD oil is one of the most popular CBD products, as it is easy to use and well tolerated. It is crucial that the purchase is always made from a certified dealer. CBD products must comply with EU legislation. This means that they may contain a maximum of 0.2% THC and must be made from EU-certified hemp seeds. Small hint: A serious and legal product always has a certification.

Does hemp oil for insomnia have side effects?

The widespread disease of insomnia can have a considerable impact on physical (and mental) well-being. Out of sheer desperation, many sufferers use sleeping pills to get back to sleep at all. This can have negative consequences, because the rate of side effects is high. And what about CBD? Here, too, side effects are always an issue, but many users report that they do not feel any of them.

In general, CBD is considered harmless and well tolerated, was classified accordingly by the WHO. The active ingredient comes from nature, more precisely from the cannabis plant. Since it does not contain THC, users do not have to fear intoxication.

If side effects occur, an overdose is usually to blame. At the beginning of the application, it is sufficient for beginners to use 1 to 2 drops of CBD against insomnia. The effect of CBD can be delayed, sometimes it takes some time for the body to get used to cannabidiol. However, in the case of sleep problems, many people report that their body and mind have already relaxed with the first application of CBD.

CBD combined with sleeping pills - why this is not a good idea

Unfortunately, there are not yet many studies on the effect of CBD. However, CBD is described by many users as an effective aid to sleep. Would it be conceivable to combine CBD with sleeping pills for sleep disorders? This is not a good idea, because the effect could be imbalanced. It has been shown, for example, that barbiturates are enhanced in their effect by CBD.

In general, long-term use of sleeping pills is not advisable. Studies have proven more than once the serious addiction potential behind it. If the doctor is aware of the sleep problems and has prescribed a sleeping pill, he must be informed about the use of cannabidiol. He can assess whether the prescribed drug has a negative effect on CBD for sleep disorders or vice versa. Even if CBD oil is available over-the-counter, interactions can never be ruled out. The doctor is happy to answer questions about this, because he is responsible for the health of his patients.

How many hemp drops are enough for good sleep?

Every person reacts differently to CBD oil and so there is no dosage recommendation. Sleep problems can be of a lighter nature or more pronounced. When and how CBD unfolds its effect depends to a certain extent on the physical constitution, weight and size. Some people benefit from a very small amount of CBD oil, others need high doses.

For this reason, CBD products are available in varying dosages. A CBD oil with 5% is optimal for beginners. If sleep problems have been treated with CBD for a long time, oils with 10%, 15% or 20% can also be used.

For beginners, it is recommended to start with a low dose of 2 drops. Since the active ingredient and its properties affect the central nervous system, you may experience increased fatigue in the beginning. At this point, we must fairly say that your sleep disorders are not immediately cured with it. It may be that your body gets used to the CBD and you then sleep worse again.

According to experience, the optimal effect is achieved when you have found the right dose. Do not stress about this, but observe the effects on your body. If after the first week you find that two drops are not enough, you can increase the dosage.

Full spectrum CBD or mono oil - which is better for sleep problems?

You can buy CBD oil in different variants. For the promotion of sleep, the experiences of other users say that full-spectrum products are better suited. Here you benefit from different properties, especially the interaction of terpenes and flavonoids plays a role. A mono oil cannot deliver an identically strong efficacy in this form. It consists exclusively of CBD and therefore only brings its effects.

If you combine cannabidiol, terpenes and flavonoids with each other, you get the entourage effect. You cannot trigger this effect in this form in any other way. This effect ensures that the effect of CBD is intensified. Most CBD products belong to the class of full spectrum oils.

What can sufferers do about sleep disorders in addition to CBD?

To get a good night’s sleep again, you need to adjust your sleep patterns to your needs. Analyze the possible sources that prevent you from sleeping peacefully. Do you have a lot of stress and can’t relax at night? Might you sleep better if your phone wasn’t next to you on the nightstand? Electronics in the bedroom is a major issue that always causes problems. It beeps and flashes everywhere, making it impossible to fall asleep.

Even though you’re tired, you keep checking your cell phone or googling for what should be a trivial question. The brightness prevents the sleep hormone melatonin from being produced and you can’t fall asleep. So you can see that you can do a lot yourself to reduce your discomfort. Here is a more detailed overview:

  • Make sure you have a suitable bed: if your bed is too small, the mattress is old and worn out or the bedding is scratchy, healthy sleep is out of the question. A CBD oil may help in the short term, but in the long term you need to change the conditions in your bed. An ergonomic mattress is an important issue here. Many people suffer from back pain when they can’t sleep comfortably at night.
  • Establish bedtime rituals: Even though you go to bed on time, sleep just won’t take hold? There are studies that show that pre-bedtime rituals are a good remedy for insomnia. This can be a cup of tea before bed, an audio game to distract you, or even a rite of passage during personal hygiene.
  • Try to relax mentally: The stress of everyday life preventing you from finding sleep? You can try to calm down with autogenic training or yoga. A CBD oil could help you do this, as many yoga participants use CBD oil to get themselves in the mood mentally for the exercises.
  • Avoid electronic devices in bed: The tablet still in your hand, the TV running in the background – the effect of electronic devices is immense. They prevent you from falling asleep or ensure that your sleep is not deep enough. Even if you use a CBD oil to help reduce the discomfort, it won’t do you any good in the long run. First, you need to create an environment where you can completely relax. This includes taking your last look at your cell phone at least half an hour before bedtime.

CBD sleep disorder - does it exist?

The hemp plant is said to have all sorts of positive properties, but is there also a reverse effect? Is it perhaps not everyday life, but the use of CBD oil that is to blame for your insomnia? In fact, there are hardly any testimonials about CBD having a negative effect on sleep. Although it is not psychoactive, most users report feeling relaxed and at ease after using CBD. On the other hand, evidence that hemp drops can reduce the quality of sleep does not exist.

Conclusion: CBD could be effective for sleep disorders

Even though there are no validatable studies on this yet, CBD could be effective for sleep disorders. The synopsis of the scientific work known to date and the experiences of users suggest this. We know so far that CBD is able to relieve anxiety, improve depression, and reduce pain. Whether this works for everyone has not been proven yet. Unfortunately, CBD is not yet allowed to be marketed as a medicine, so it is not yet widely recommended in pharmacies.

However, you have the option to buy CBD online from a reputable dealer for self-administration. Always make sure that you buy a legal product whose THC content does not exceed 0.2%. We cannot guarantee whether CBD works for sleep disorders. However, we would like to refer you to the user experiences, from which it is clear that CBD has more positive than negative influences on sleep.

In order to examine the effectiveness of CBD in more detail, you can keep a sleep diary. Make a note of when you started using CBD and at what dose. Then record whether and how well you slept. After two weeks you can draw a first conclusion and then have your own impression whether CBD helps you or not.