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CBD is on everyone’s lips, it is produced from various seeds and can be sold legally in Germany. The special thing about it is that there are numerous different flower varieties, similar to how there are also very many different cannabis varieties to buy on the illegal market. Legal CBD varieties have a THC content of less than 0.2 and thus no effects on mental performance.

How many CBD varieties are there?

An exact
number cannot be named, because CBD is as diverse as cannabis and consequently
there are also countless different varieties. Basically, it can be
differentiated into several areas:

  • Hemp flowers with a high CBD content.
  • Hemp varieties with rather low CBD content
  • Aroma-intensive CBD flowers
  • Haze and Kush varieties
  • the best CBD varieties

The different flavors alone make it difficult to name an exact number of existing CBD species on the market. Variances in flavor, flowering type, or CBD content are the biggest differentiators. Cannabinoids are present in all varieties and even in the original plants, certain characteristics must always be respected. It’s a bit like the different marijuana strains, they too are characterized by differences in effect, but are all ultimately a matter of taste.

Which strain has the highest CBD content?

Among the strongest varieties are Ice Rocks and Moon Rocks, which can contain CBD levels of up to 80 percent or more. One of the plants that was able to achieve a particularly high CBD value for the first time is Juanita la Lagrimosa, which is still considered a mother plant for numerous varieties today.

Get to know our top 10 special CBD flowers

CBD has been the talk of the town for a few years now, and most of you have probably used it as an oil yourself. But CBD flowers, the pure form of what is later processed as oil, are also becoming more and more popular. In terms of variety, we’ve almost reached the level of cannabis.

Whether Juanita la Lagrimosa, Banana Kush or Mango Kush, in the end it is only a question of your individual taste, which CBD variation is particularly appealing to you. The THC content of all our products is below the legal threshold, so you can store to your heart’s content.

Amnesia Haze CBD - the cannabis strain with the special look

Amnesia is one of the CBD varieties that has already made a name for itself. It is also very popular among cannabis strains and consequently it was only logical that corresponding CBD-based offerings will appear. Amnesia belongs to the CBD rich strains, it has a gentle lemony and at the same time fiery peppery note and is basically mentioned in the top 10 best CBD varieties.

One of the peculiarities of Amnesia Haze is that the aroma is said to activate and attenuate at the same time. The cultivation is mostly done in a grow room, but can also be done outdoors, especially with hybrid varieties.

Blue Dream CBD - the cross with the fast growth

As a cannabis flower hybrid, Blue Dream grows particularly fast and comes from a marijuana strain that delights with large flowers and a rather indirect scent. With bluish-silver buds and a thick layer of trichomes, Blue Dream CBD is not only very aromatic, but also visually a real eye-catcher.

The THC content is below 0.2, while the CBD content can be found at 6 percent and above. Blue Dream CBD is said to be relaxing, restorative, but not mentally deadening. The strain is produced from EU-grown cannabis, which can be legally distributed in this country.

Stress Killer Automatic - mild CBD content for a pleasant experience​

Stress Killer Automatic already reveals by its name what is to be experienced here. The strain is one of the best CBD varieties when it comes to being able to switch off with a small amount. As a beginner plant, it is popular to grow in the grow room, the cultivation does not require any special expertise, because it is easy to care for.

To develop this strain, Juanita La Lagrimosa was combined with Lemon Shining Silver Haze, so that the plant reaches a proportion of about 60 percent sativa and 30 percent indica. 10 percent ruderalis comes from crossing with a ruderalis strain.

Gelato CBD - Hybrid strain with the ice cream flavor

Already as a classic cannabis strain, Gelato is particularly popular, because the gentle flavors convince especially sweet tooth of the cannabis scene. It is the perfect alternative for dessert, as it exudes cookie-like aromas and is said to have an ice cream flavor. As a pure CBD strain, it has a THC content of less than 0.2, but a CBD content in the high CBD range of up to 17 percent.

It can be grown indoors and outdoors if the right seeds are available. The cannabinoid CBD comes in Gelato CBD particularly well, because the content is above average and the variety is said to be pleasant.

Gorilla Glue CBD - it belongs to the CBD rich flowers

Gorilla Glue is not only one of the popular cannabis strains, but also one of the best CBD varieties you can get. The CBD rich buds are cultivated outdoors, the flower has a high CBD content and is bred from organic seeds. Gorilla Glue got its name not because of the growth of the plant, but because of its sticky flower.

Actually, breeder Josey Wales was the father who, at the beginning of his experiment, threw away the seeds that ruined his crop. A good friend of his took some of those seeds and successfully bred them into the plant that is now one of the most popular CBD varieties around.

Banana Kush CBD - no seeds limit for this luxury strain

When it comes to high-popularity CBD flowers, Banana Kush CBD is definitely not to be missed. With a CBD content in the high range of up to 15 percent, the “tropical CBD” belongs to the cannabis varieties with very high demand. Here, too, the THC content is of course less than 0.2 percent, but especially worth mentioning is the aroma of these CBD flowers.

It smells like a ripe and juicy banana tastes. CBD flowers with fruit aroma have become increasingly popular for quite some time. Banana Kush has a strong indica dominance, which explains the calming and relaxing aroma release it is said to have. Even in classic cannabis, Banana Kush is a strain that not only has an exceptionally high THC content, but is also particularly popular.

15 percent High CBD flower Skunk - from certified outdoor growers

There are many ways to enjoy cannabinoids, High CBD Skunk is definitely one of them. With a CBD value of around 15 percent, with a simultaneous THC value below 0.2 percent, the CBD variety is one of the most popular. Originally, the plants come from Afghanistan, Morocco and Colombia, and to date, more than 350 crosses of the former plants are already known.

The spicy-sweet aroma of CBD flowers unfolds the typical Skunk note, which is also highly popular in cannabis. The aroma is unique, it spreads as soon as you light the CBD flower. The Skunk plant is known for producing numerous high-quality flowers and can reach a size of more than two meters. If you love Skunk, this CBD is guaranteed to be the right choice for you.

Super Silver Haze - High CBD offers from high quality plants.

Super Silver Haze is a sativa-heavy strain that is at the top of the popularity list for hash production. The spicy-sweet note is dominated by a hint of lemon, which is a flavor that goes straight to the tongue even when smelling the flower.

Among CBD flowers, Super Silver Haze is very popular due to its individual characteristics, the cannabinoid CBD is particularly easy to extract and enjoy when used. The strain is also known in classic cannabis, but our Silver Haze buds have the approved THC content of less than 0.2%, so you can legally purchase them from us.

CBD flowers Harlequin - premium strain for maximum enjoyment

Cannabis users know the power of Harlequin and with our CBD production and its THC content of less than 0.2 percent, this strain can finally be enjoyed legally. The aromatic flower is already visually quite appealing, the diverse colors allow for a visual spectacle.

When ignited, the typical smell of hemp spreads at first, but less later the sweet and sour scent typical of the variety asserts itself. Do you know sour snakes or even tongues that we all used to love to buy at the trusted kiosk after school? Then you know roughly what to expect from this popular CBD variety.

CBD AK 47 - the weapon among CBD strains

You probably only know AK 47 from computer games so far, but AK 47 is also one of the world’s most popular and widespread cannabis strains ever. The spicy aroma spreads quickly when ignited and fills the room with a very special ambience. While the CBD value is only around 6 percent, it is perfect for a mild experience.

For olfactory pleasures, AK 47 is ideal, you can use the buds to make your own CBD aroma oil or use a fragrance lamp to transport yourself to an ambiance of 1001 nights. As a classic cannabis AK 47 has already reached cult status, in our selection the THC content is of course as specified below 0.2% to find.

How does CBD work and what influence does the strain have on the effect?

CBD is said to have a broad spectrum of effects, the cannabinoid docks to the endocannabinoid system in the human brain and can thus prove its properties. As with different strains of cannabis, the variant of CBD has an impact on how and when its effectiveness becomes apparent. Moon Rocks, for example, react faster because the CBD content is higher. General effect characteristics include:

  • May have a relieving effect on psychological tension
  • May help with chronic and acute pain
  • May strengthen the immune system and defenses
  • May promote falling asleep and evening rest

Each human body functions individually and the aroma of CBD has different effects accordingly. It always depends on the amount as well; how many hemp flowers are used for personal use.

Since the THC value is below 0.2 percent, you don’t have to fear any intoxicating effects with CBD, you remain completely sane, can articulate and speak completely normally and are also able to drive a car. It is also important to note that CBD is legal, and you can buy our products legally and officially.

Which CBD variety suits me?

Finding the right CBD variety is not always easy. Apart from the THC value, which is strictly controlled in Europe, the CBD value also plays a role. Plants and flowers with a lower CBD content do not have to be worse than the CBD rich variety.

You can decide for yourself which effects you want to enjoy and whether you prefer to reach for CBD rich varieties or make a choice that has a milder effect on you.

We have countless different CBD products in stock in our online store and always offer you the possibility to buy small portions. This way, you can try out for yourself whether you find flowers with a high CBD content better in the long run or whether flavors are more important to you than the amount of CBD.