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CBD Oil Experiences – What do users say and what can cannabidiol really do?

CBD has been very popular for a few years now, and testimonials from satisfied users are piling up. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid from the hemp plant. The use of CBD is associated with numerous positive benefits, however, research is still in its infancy. Many newcomers to this field have questions about the effects and don’t know if they should buy a CBD oil. We would like to provide a small overview to give the most important answers.


The effect of CBD - is cannabidiol a miracle drug?

Made from organic hemp, cannabidiol is a valuable substance that people are using more and more. There is no classic CBD oil test winner. In our store, the 10% oil is one of the test winners, as it is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

However, CBD is not a magic cure! The benefits known so far are based on personal experience with CBD oil, which various customers have written down in reviews.

However, research is being done diligently, because science has long known that organic hemp is said to have a strong effect on a wide variety of ailments. Better known is THC, another cannabinoid that is rather problematic in everyday life due to its psychoactive effect.

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What are the health benefits of CBD oil

So far, little has been postulated in the press about the effects of the cannabis plant. However, it is interesting to note that there has been a strong discussion about the legalization of classic cannabis for a few years now. CBD is already legal and if we look at customer reviews, it seems to bring numerous benefits.

  • CBD oils are used by customers for pain.
  • Full spectrum oils are used to reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Many people use a full spectrum CBD oil for sleep disorders.
  • The use of CBD oil is associated with reduced stress.
  • The active ingredient CBD is also said to work in animals, according to many users.
  • For problems with metabolism, many people rely on CBD oil.

Inflammation of the gums is treated by some users with a CBD mouth spray.Some studies have already been conducted on mice. The initial evidence suggests that CBD oil can have both psychological and physical effects. Compared to THC, the big advantage is that CBD oils do not induce intoxication. A premium oil can be strong, but does not have a “befogging” effect at any time, so clear decision-making power is maintained.

What is the advantage of full spectrum CBD oil?

Cannabinoids like CBD come from the hemp plant. To obtain CBD oil, the extract of the plant is mixed with a carrier oil. Besides CBD, other cannabinoids are contained, such as CBN, CBC or CBG. Furthermore, a full-spectrum oil contains terpenes and flavonoids in addition to the cannabinoids. These are secondary plant compounds that, according to experience, can cause an enhancement of effect. This process is called the entourage effect.

Animals can also benefit from the application of a CBD oil, according to numerous information. For pain, anxiety and restlessness, for dogs, cats and horses CBD is very popular. However, cats should not be given terpenes as they cannot process them. Full spectrum CBD is therefore out of the question for animals.

Are there any product recommendations for the best CBD oil?

There are dozens of suppliers and manufacturers of CBD oil. A direct comparison is difficult, because the effectiveness depends on several factors. Many of our customers call CBD Alive CBD Oil 10% the best product in our store. Oils from other manufacturers can also be of high quality.

The decisive factor for product recommendations is the CBD content. There are significant differences here, starting from 5% up to 25% and more. For beginners, a CBD content of 5% or 10% is sufficient. Experienced users, on the other hand, prefer higher doses to require only a few drops of the CBD oils.

How is CBD oil made?

The CBD oil consists of hemp extract and a carrier oil. Most suppliers rely on hemp oils, which are, however, aromatically described as bitter. Positive experiences were made in the test by users with MCT oil as a carrier solution. It is just as well suited for the dissolution of CBD, but shows itself to be less bitter in the practical test. The effect is identical, the decisive factor here is also the proportion of CBD.

High-quality CBD products are characterized by the fact that they are tested by independent laboratories for their ingredients. This is not only about the effect, but also about the legality. Allowed CBD products contain a maximum of 0.2% THC, anything above that is not allowed!

Can CBD oil induce a state of intoxication?

Many people automatically associate cannabis products with marijuana and consequently with a high. CBD oil does not have a psychoactive effect and therefore does not trigger a “high”. The effect is shown in the test to be much more gentle, indirect and without affecting the perception.

The lack of psychoactive effect is the reason that CBD oil is legally available on the market. The WHO has done extensive research on CBD products and concluded that no negative effects on the human body are to be expected.

How does the application of CBD oil work?

CBD oil is to be distinguished from other products. There is not only the oil form, but also so-called CBD liquids, cosmetic products and flowers. However, the most popular dosage form is CBD oil. Here, all the active ingredients of the hemp plant are contained and are absorbed directly during application.

What other possible applications are there?

A CBD liquid is vaporized via a vaporizer. Compared to CBD oil, this shows a faster effect. Nevertheless, a large number of all users prefer the oil, as they can dose it with pinpoint accuracy and they do not have to purchase any other electronic devices for use.

CBD cosmetics are applied directly to the skin. The active ingredient cannabidiol is said to be able to have a positive influence on various skin diseases. For example, the use of CBD is associated with a reduction in acne or psoriasis. Available as creams or ointments, CBD cosmetics are also said to have benefits in old age. It is even discussed whether there might be a positive influence on the development of wrinkles.

Does CBD have side effects or can it be dangerous?

Those who react to a bitter aroma with disgust can have problems with CBD oil. In some cases, the flavor is really unpleasant, similar to bitter stomach drops. However, for most CBD fans, this is not an issue. Side effects are very rare, yet they should not be hidden.

Theoretically, it is possible that there is an allergy to hemp. In this case, the user reacts to all CBD items with allergic symptoms. The allergy is extremely rare!

Slight side effects are possible if CBD oil is dosed too high. Dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and abdominal pain may occur. The number of potential adverse effects is very small. Those who start with a small initial dose usually have nothing to worry about.

Important: If you are already taking medication, consult your doctor. The positive development and popularity of CBD products have led to more and more medical professionals becoming well versed. CBD oils are known to them and they can make a recommendation whether the product is suitable for the respective patient. Interactions with other medications are very rare!

Cost or effect? According to what criteria to choose the test winner?

Do you prefer cheap or effective? Many users ask themselves this question, but there is no need to make a decision. Experience shows that above all the price-performance ratio must be right. The individual test winner does not necessarily have to be more expensive than all the other products. The effectiveness, the individual tolerance and the personal feeling are decisive. In our case, the items from CBD-Alive were among the most popular products, since it is a high-quality CBD oil in organic quality.

The manufacturer relies on natural cultivation, free of herbicides and pesticides. In this context, the issue of sustainability plays an important role. Whoever does not pay attention to nature as a manufacturer of CBD products today, performs significantly worse in comparison.

In addition, it must always be ensured that the selected CBD oil implements the legal requirements. CBD-Alive distinguishes itself as a manufacturer by the fact that all products are GMP-certified.

Conclusion: CBD does not perform miracles, but is evaluated positively.

The benefits of CBD are clear to satisfied users. Hemp has been a proven component of natural medicine for thousands of years and is mainly used in Chinese and Indian natural medicine. It is only in recent years that cannabinoids have come more into focus. Thanks to a large group of satisfied users, researchers have now also taken notice. They are not interested in choosing the CBD oil test winner, but in deciphering the mode of action exactly.

Judging by CBD experiences of thousands of people, it can already be concluded that the future could be interesting. When the official research results on its use in humans and animals are published, the popularity of organic hemp will surely increase once again.