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Eye drops against red eyes – stoners rely on it!

Stoners know the problem: red eyes after consumption immediately reveal what you have just done. Currently, cannabis use is not yet legal in Germany, but it is already practiced outside the public sphere. Consumers can often be easily recognized by red eyes, but what helps against stoner eyes and where do they come from? We have answers to the most important questions and tell you what causes this phenomenon.

Why do stoners get red eyes?

Red eyes are a classic indication that someone has been smoking pot. But there are also many other reasons for increasing redness of the eyes. Sometimes allergies are responsible, sometimes there is an eye inflammation. But let’s not kid ourselves, in many cases weed is the trigger for the typical redness in the eye. Discretion is hardly possible there, at most with huge sunglasses the red eyes can be hidden. But why does the body react in this way in the first place, and can something possibly be detected in the pupils?

The consumption of THC lowers the blood pressure, which results in a dilation of the blood vessels and capillaries in the eye. This increases the blood flow, which results in red eyes. The eyes get better blood flow from cannabis, one of the reasons why THC is also used to treat glaucoma.

If the blood vessels are narrowed, it is difficult for blood to circulate. Dilatation optimizes blood flow; a similar effect is known from antihypertensive drugs. But since cannabis primarily lowers eye pressure, this is where you see the strongest reactions.

Stoner or allergy sufferer - what do classic stoner eyes look like?

Red eyes are a typical symptom of conjunctivitis or allergies. Here, too, eye drops are used to alleviate the symptoms. But how can we tell whether the eyes are red because of cannabis or because of a disease? Above all, the sensitivity of the pupils to light plays a role. When smoking pot, not only does the white part of the eye turn red, but the pupil also changes. It is less sensitive to light, so it is dilated even in bright surroundings.

This is particularly important for the police during checks. If they suspect cannabis use, they usually shine a light into the eyes to observe the pupil reaction. If the pupil does not contract or only slightly, cannabis use is suspected.

Red eyes not only when smoking - blood vessels also react to edibles

Many people think that cannabis only causes red eyes when smoked. This is a misconception, basically all THC products can have the same effect. Even CBD can cause eyeballs to appear red. If the redness occurs primarily with smoking, there could also be a sensitivity to smoke. In this case, however, people would also react to cigarettes or the typical shisha with the same symptoms.

The effect of THC on the body and the “high” also sets in when cannabis is consumed as liquid for vaporization or in the form of edibles. The smoke can only be an additional irritant, but is not a main criterion. So it is only about the active ingredient, how cannabis is consumed is irrelevant.

How to avoid red eyes from smoking pot?

The body reacts to the consumption of THC and dilates the blood vessels. As a result, the intraocular pressure is reduced and the eyes appear red. What can be done about this if not everyone is to know about THC consumption at the first glance at the pupils? Remedy can be eye drops, which, although not primarily designed to reduce red eyes from cannabis, are helpful. However, there are a few other tricks that can prevent the development of red eyes from cannabis:

  • Caffeine to constrict blood vessels: the reason for red eyes from cannabis is the widening of blood vessels. Blood pressure drops and the eyes appear very red in users. If a stoner does not want to be immediately recognized as such, he can take countermeasures. Caffeine, for example, has the opposite effect and makes the blood vessels narrower. When cannabis is consumed together with caffeine, red eyes can therefore be reduced.
  • Ensure plenty of fluids: After cannabis consumption, many users feel that their mouth is dried out. In fact, CBD and THC can accelerate dehydration of the body. After consuming cannabis, it is important to drink plenty of fluids to avoid red eyes from smoking pot.
  • Cooling compresses on the eyes: Sometimes irritation of the eye is also the reason why the redness hardly subsides. In this case, cooling compresses help. They can be cucumber slices from the refrigerator or a cooling pad from the pharmacy. A tablespoon from the freezer can also provide relief.

Red eyes even when consuming CBD?

The cannabinoid CBD has made it and is in no way inferior to THC in popularity. It comes in the form of drops, for vaporizing or even for consumption and many a person smokes CBD classically in a joint. Although CBD also has some effect on the bloodstream, it does not cause red eyes when used. The active ingredient is not comparable to classic THC, although both are cannabinoids. Regardless of the form in which CBD is consumed, red eyes are not one of the consequences.

Can eye drops help against red eyes?

Everything is fine, you are in a good mood and your comprehension is not impaired. However, your red eyes clearly indicate that you have consumed THC. In order not to attract attention in public, the pharmacist can be your most important contact. Vasoconstrictor eye drops will turn your eyes white again within a few seconds. Keep in mind, however, that such products are not intended for daily use. Smoking pot is not allowed in this country, so you can avoid red eyes even by switching to CBD.

CBD is legal in Germany and with this cannabinoid the question of how to avoid red eyes does not arise. If you use eye drops for red eyes, please keep in mind that you don’t just give them to others. Everyone reacts differently, which is why medications should never be shared. Also, use the above mentioned tips to avoid the development of stoner eye as much as possible (drink a lot, prefer CBD instead of THC).

Conclusion: red eyes can cause unpleasant feelings

When you look at dilated pupils and red eyeballs, it’s obvious – you’re looking at a stoner. It’s not the smoke that’s the problem, it’s the THC itself. The higher the dose, the greater the effect. There’s little you can do about it, unless you get yourself some suitable eye drops or use CBD instead of THC. Otherwise, the only thing left to do is to wait and see, because by 2024 at the latest, cannabis will be allowed in Germany. Then it will become a normal phenomenon that people have red eyes now and then.