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Haze – Diverse Marijuana Strains for Enjoyment

The development of Haze dates back a long time, in the 1960s it was made respectable by the Haze brothers, who developed the unique marijuana strains near California.

Haze Strains​

There are plenty of cannabis strains that are not natural but come to market as hybrids. Growers set out to find unique traits and combine them together.

Haze is also bred in this way. Originally, Haze is a sativa variety, but today there are many hybrids and mixtures of indica and sativa. The most famous strain is probably the original Amnesia Haze, but there are other popular strains that are so interesting for cannabis connoisseurs because of their THC content or because of their unique Haze aroma.

The following text, is purely informational about high THC cannabis varieties and does not apply to our CBD flowers.

CBD Purple Haze - The most popular Haze strains for consumers

In this article, we not only want to give you some important information about Haze strains and the Haze Brothers, but also reveal which are the best Haze strains with enormous popularity:

Amnesia Haze: This variety is probably the most famous variant of Haze and convinces on the one hand with the pure Haze genetics and on the other hand with the high THC content.

Outstanding is the head high of the Haze variety, which leaves the body functional, but in the mind leads to a psychedelic high. The taste is intense, the Haze brothers described it as natural.

Lemon Haze - the narcotic kick with lemon flavor

Super Lemon Haze or simply Lemon Haze is a popular variety that can be cultivated outdoors and indoors.

Super Lemon Haze in particular shows a narcotic effect and a rapid change in sensory perception. The taste is lemony and full-bodied, described as very pleasant. Not so much a body high is to be expected as a strong psychological high.

G13 Haze - award winning variety

G13 Haze is one of the mixed sativa and indica varieties, with the sativa percentage at 80%. At the Cannabis Cups, the strain won second place in 2006, and a year after that it was even awarded first place.

With a flowering time of 10-11 weeks, G13 Haze is very suitable for indoor use.

Critical Haze - Top Quality

For production, Amnesia Haze was crossed with Critical Mass – the result was a strain that lives up to its name. The cultivation time is short with 10 – 11 weeks, the pleasant high and the sour-spicy taste is very popular with many smokers.

The potent effect is long-lasting, so this Haze variety is very popular.

Haze X - this strain has the X factor

Haze X is a sativa strain whose origin is still relatively secret. It is also available on the market as X-Super, it consists of 60% sativa and 40% indica.

Haze seeds are not suitable for indoor use, as they imitate the growth of a classic cannabis plant, including height.

Orange Haze - fruit kick for lovers

Next to Banana Haze and Super Lemon Haze, Orange Haze is one of the most flavorful strains. The highs of the fruity varieties are psychedelic and convince with their long shelf life.

Seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, due to the fast flowering time the yield is high and in terms of quantity Orange varieties can be excellent.

Mexican Haze - the kicker among Haze varieties.

The seeds are in demand, because the classic sativa variety enjoys a short flowering time and creative highs. The taste unfolds sweet but mild, after about 11 weeks a harvest of 400 to 500 g per square meter can be expected.

The seeds are rather unsuitable for beginners, as the cultivation is moderately difficult. The plants can grow outdoors and indoors, but also in the grow box.

Alien Haze - the strain with the high CBD content.

Does this Haze strain really originate in this world? A question not only asked by consumers in Santa Cruz, where Alien is highly sought after.

Made from European commercial hemp, the strain is low in THC and high in CBD for a smooth and relaxing high without altering responsiveness. CBD Haze with a THC content of less than 0.2%, is allowed in Germany, Austria and many other countries!

Cannalope Haze - Child of the Mexican Haze Brothers.

Energizing and relaxing at the same time, this strain influences the consumer. Known also for the famous Cannalope Kush, Haze varieties have 90 percent sativa content.

The melon-like and sweet taste and the high cannabis content make this strain one of the best Haze products available on the market.

Lemon Skunk - the calming punk among varieties

Lemon Skunk makes you feel sociable and calm at the same time. The strain is often compared to Red Haze, but the lemony taste is unique and beguiling. The history of this strain is unknown, it was once produced as a hybrid, the Haze brothers may have had a hand in this.

The high is sociable, cerebral and calming, with 9 – 10 weeks the cultivation time is particularly short and therefore this variety is one of the popular cannabis strains.

Haze, Kush, and Skunk - what are they?

The three terms are the most important basics of genetics and responsible for the vast majority of cannabis varieties in the world. It refers to the genetic lineage of the plant. The biggest difference is the characteristics of each plant. You can buy cannabis seeds from numerous plants, all of them are THC-containing lines with clear genetics and yet the differences are big:

Haze: The flowering time is long; the plant height is tall. The THC content per plant is enormous.

Skunk: The flowering time is medium long, the plant height rather tall and the THC content is also high.

Kush: Kush varieties also have a high THC content but have a short flowering time and a smaller plant height.

The history of today’s varieties is based on numerous combinations. Modern breeders have taken elite specimens from different families and crossed them with each other. This has resulted in hybrids that have different characteristics.

Haze cuttings grow very tall and expand enormously during flowering. Their origin is the outdoors, as they are only suitable for indoor cultivation under certain challenges. The high of Haze strains has a clear psychedelic advantage, being more psychoactive than the high of the other strains. Classic Kush strains grow short and stocky, the cuttings are made for indoor growing. The dense buds ensure good yields, however, the high is described as less cerebral. With Kush strains, many users report experiencing a physical high as well, which is not popular with every consumer.

Skunk is known for its strong flavor, and the strains are especially popular with pleasure seekers. They don’t grow as tall as Haze strains, but are significantly larger than Kush, making them suitable for indoor growing only if space is available. Skunk seeds are also popular because they have the reputation of being particularly easy to grow. However, the high is weaker than Haze, which is accepted by growers.

The basic characteristics of Haze varieties

Each Haze variety has its own individual characteristics. Silver Haze, for example, has a different taste and effect than Super Silver Haze. And yet, the diverse varieties have some things in common, which is why they are at the top of the popularity scale:

The genetic origin: each strain is based on its individual Haze genetics, but the lineage is always the same. Possible genetic origins include Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, Mexican Sativa, or Indian Sativa. Flavor Variations: Haze strains are extremely diverse, and the taste is just as varied. The basic note, however, is earthy-spicy with a slightly sweet touch. Depending on the variety, fruit flavors are then also possible. The effect: Haze varieties are characterized by a cerebral high, are uplifting, motivating, creative and psychedelic. Haze is considered particularly potent and significantly stronger than Kush or Skunk.

Medicinal uses: In medicine, Haze is used primarily for its anti-stress and anti-inflammatory effects. Consumer reviews indicate that Haze is stronger in its effects than alternative cannabis genetics lines.

How long is the effect of Haze, Kush, and Co?

Whether Haze strains, Kush or Skunk, the head high often becomes noticeable faster than the physical high (if present). It depends on the Haze strain you consume. The effect can occur with a delay of up to two hours, with highly potent Haze strains like Super Silver Haze you will feel the mellow high immediately after consumption.

Skunk Haze, on the other hand, has a weaker effect; it is not uncommon to feel the effects of Skunk only after an hour. The high spreads slowly through your body, while Super Silver Haze and other highly potent strains are described as having a “popping” effect.

It’s not just the Haze strains that matter, but also the way they are consumed. Haze is smoked, eaten, vaporized or taken sublingually. Especially when eaten, the effect is very long-term. With high doses, effect periods of up to 12 hours can be observed; with classic eating, between 4 and 6 hours are possible.

If Haze is smoked, the effect lasts around 1 – 3 hours, the same applies to vaporizing with a vaporizer. Sublingual in oil form, varieties like Silver Haze and other Haze varieties are dissolved directly under the tongue. The effect lasts up to four hours.

What is the strongest weed in the world?

Is Silver Haze the strongest strain of weed in the world or is it Skunk X? For years, growers have been debating which is the strongest strain in the world and there is no answer. On the blog, many growers report that they have developed strains of 27 percent THC and above.

Currently, “The Toad” is believed to be probably the strongest plant in the world with a THC content of 37 percent. It grew in the garden of boxer Mike Tyson, who started his own business as a cannabis entrepreneur after his career ended.

What is Haze Sativa or Indica?

Haze strains belong to the sativa-dominant varieties, which are often even on the market as pure hybrid varieties. Cannabis of the Haze varieties is characterized by the strong cerebral effect, to mention here especially Amnesia Haze, which is probably the most famous Haze variety at all, closely followed by Silver Haze.

What genetics really makes Haze, is not fully clarified to this day. Many years ago, when the Haze brothers were experimenting and researching genetics, many new strains emerged.

It is rumored that originally a cross of Columbian Gold and other landraces were conceivable parents of today’s Haze varieties. Even though Haze genetics are sativa-dominant, there is always some indica content. Varieties like Chocolope, for example, have a 95 percent sativa content and only 5 percent indica content.

Amnesia Haze, on the other hand, is 70 percent sativa-heavy, but consequently contains a 30 percent indica share. However, through ever more individual breeding and combinations, no fixed sativa proportion can be fixed; it can vary through new crosses.

Conclusion: Haze is one of the most popular cannabis strains around

With an intense head high and an intoxicating effect, Haze has managed to rise to the top of the popularity scale among cannabis strains. This is even though for a while it looked like Haze would not be developed further. The culprit was the difficult growing conditions, as the plant’s height makes it mainly suitable for outdoor cultivation. However, the longer flowering times and the complications in growing are now willingly accepted by growers all over the world, as the benefits of Haze clearly outweigh the disadvantages and a large part of the consumers like to resort to it. Haze is also very commonly used mixed with Kush in various forms.