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Fundraising campaign 2019


This year we have decided that none of the partners will receive a single cent (all salaries have been waived for the entire year). 馃槑

Everything that is not needed for reinvestment will be 100% donated this year! 馃嵕 Part of our donation this year was a ton of Chappi dog food 馃惗 the main amount of food went to Luna’s old age ranch in Hungary. Well over 100 animals can be found at this rescue centre. Many of them have been badly mistreated and some of them have been rescued from killing.

The operator is a whole one love and has the biggest heart for animals we have ever experienced in a human being. A very special thank you goes to Das Futterhaus AT, which agreed to support us with this large order. Also a big thank you goes to all our customers who made it possible for us to realise this project.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas 馃巹, happy holidays with your family and look forward to the coming year with you, when we will be able to realise even bigger projects together for a better world 馃實.