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How does CBD oil work for pets (and humans)?

Before we go into the areas of application, we will deal with the general effect of CBD on your four-legged friend. As already indicated, the endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role. It has a significant influence on the psyche and is involved in numerous regulatory processes of the body. Sleep, emotions, pain – all of these are controlled in part by the endocannabinoid system.

Currently, researchers believe that CBD can interact with the ECS, which explains the widely described effect on humans. Since cats, dogs, horses and other domestic animals also have an endocannabinoid system, this can also explain the effectiveness here.

CBD oil for dogs and cats – not the same product for all pets

If you ever want to try CBD oil for pets yourself, choosing the right product is crucial. Dogs in particular benefit from a full-spectrum CBD oil because it contains cannabidiol and hemp oil as well as other secondary plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. Depending on the oil, valuable fatty acids are also added, which can also have a positive effect on diseases. Horses and dogs can usually use the same CBD oils, full-spectrum products are the most popular according to customer reviews.

The situation is different for cats, as they are unable to metabolize terpenes and THC. This has an important meaning when choosing the right CBD oil for animals. Since cats can also benefit from the cannabinoids, it is important to use a mono-product without terpenes.

CBD for animals – how your four-legged friend can benefit from it

Cannabinoids are an exciting topic, cannabidiol is currently probably the most important of them. It comes from the hemp plant and is said to have significant influence on physical and mental ailments in humans. Now, there are parallels between the human and animal bodies, including the presence of the endocannabinoid system. And so, step by step, it became clear that CBD can have just as positive an effect on animals. Scientific evidence of its efficacy is increasingly emerging. Of course, the percentage of positive customer reviews also speaks for itself. Since animals have the same endocannabinoid receptors as humans, the effect can at least be logically explained in numerous situations.

Still, keep in mind that this is not a miracle drug. CBD cannot replace a visit to the vet when your pet is sick. In most cases, CBD oil in animals is a supplement to existing medication or a preventive herbal substance used to increase vitality.

When the psyche suffers – CBD oil for dogs in stress and anxiety

Whether the trip to the vet, the New Year’s Eve celebration or a move to a new apartment – many everyday situations mean pure stress for animals. You can’t explain to your cat that the noise will be over the next day. Your pet reacts with withdrawal, anxiety, maybe even becomes unclean.

Today we already know that CBD can have an effect on certain receptors in the brain. In humans, this leads to greater well-being and relaxation. Experiences suggest that CBD has a similar effect for animals. Numerous reports show that CBD for animals may help very well with stress and anxiety.

Epilepsy in dogs – CBD as a serious approach

Even veterinarians are dealing with this issue! It seems that CBD oil for dogs can bring a great advantage in case of existing epilepsy. Numerous breeds of dogs are affected by epilepsy, whereas cats and horses rarely suffer from it. Blame for the seizures are processes in the brain that do not run “normally”. Overstimulation of certain brain structures triggers the seizures, which are a great burden for humans and animals.

Currently, science is busy researching the effect of CBD oil for dogs with epilepsy. Initial approaches suggest that regular use of CBD drops could at least reduce the frequency of seizures. This would allow pet owners to support their dogs when they suffer from epileptic seizures.

Important to know: CBD oil for animals is not a substitute for traditional, drug therapy. Using CBD drops on your own is not a solution for conditions like epilepsy. Your pet belongs in medical treatment. Possibly, the extracts of the hemp plant in addition to the prescribed medication could be an advantage for your four-legged friend.

Animals with pain – CBD oil could help dog and cat

The effect of CBD on pain is the subject of much study and research. If humans suffer from pain, their well-being is impaired. Compared to animals, however, humans have a great advantage: they understand the triggers of their pain. Dogs and cats suffer without understanding why it happens. The urge to move is restricted, everyday well-being deteriorates.

There is a growing body of evidence that CBD oil is able to block the transmission of pain at the appropriate receptors. Some scientists assume that the effect on the body is similar to the use of THC (medical cannabis). Whether this can be transferred one-to-one from humans to animals has not yet been conclusively researched. However, many pet owners report positive effects on the mobility of cats and dogs, after the use of CBD oil.

Inflammations affecting the musculoskeletal system are often responsible for pain. In dogs, osteoarthritis is almost a “widespread disease” from a certain age. Dog owners have found in the past that CBD oil could have a positive effect on well-being in dogs. There seems to be evidence that inflammatory processes can be reduced in some animals.

Again, there is no scientific evidence yet, although research is also currently investigating chronic inflammation and the effects of CBD.

CBD oil in animals: how does the application work?

The simplest method of application of CBD oil in animals is the use of CBD oil. It contains a maximum of 0.2% THC, is provided in a 10 ml bottle, and has high bioavailability. For dogs, you can use a full-spectrum product without hesitation. For cats, make sure you choose a CBD oil without terpenes. The effects of full-spectrum products are stronger, but the beneficial properties of hemp are also present in the mono-product.

Whether your pet likes the aroma of CBD oil depends on individual preferences. It brings a slight bitterness, which is especially challenging for cats. Many cats are “fussy” about their food anyway. If they then have to perceive a bitter-smelling CBD oil, it could lead to an animal strike.

What is the right amount? How much CBD is suitable for your pet!

The appropriate amount of CBD oil is not so easy to estimate. Whether for dogs, horses or hamsters – the effect of CBD is different for each user. We already know the so-called feel-good dose from humans. Two people of the same size can have a completely different “optimal dose” and this also applies to animals.

A rule of thumb says that the best effects can be achieved with an administration of 2 drops of CBD oil per 5 kilos of body weight of the animal. There is no guarantee for this!

The best solution for you and your pet is to go slow. Start with 1 to 2 drops of CBD oil (small animal up to 5 kilos) and increase the dose weekly. When full spectrum of effectiveness is reached (watch your animal closely), you can maintain the dose.

For large animals such as horses or heavy dog breeds, you can of course start with a higher initial dose. For a horse, 4 drops of CBD oil will be barely noticeable.

Conclusion: CBD products in animals worth a try

When it comes to the health of our loved ones, we naturally want only the best. CBD seems to have positive influences on animal well-being according to field reports. However, there is no exact scientific substantiation of these reports so far! Pet owners must not make the mistake of seeing CBD as a miracle cure. If your four-legged friend is seriously ill, it belongs in the hands of a knowledgeable veterinarian!

There may be an opportunity to provide supplemental relief through the use of CBD oil. However, never forgo the administration of prescribed medication in favor of CBD!

The WHO has classified CBD as a safe product. Side effects are almost never reported in animals, so in most cases use is without difficulty. Some pet owners treat their animals with CBD even though there is no diagnosed disease. The reason for this is that CBD is generally said to have positive properties on well-being.

In the summary of the reported positive effects, the good tolerability and the absence of side effects, CBD seems to actually bring benefits for pet owners and their animals. It is therefore worthwhile to simply try it out and find out the individual effect on your own four-legged friend.