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Eye drops against red eyes – stoners rely on it!

Stoners know the problem: red eyes after consumption immediately reveal what you have just done. Currently, cannabis use is not yet legal in Germany, but it is already practiced outside the public sphere. Consumers can often be easily recognized by red eyes, but what helps against stoner eyes and where do they come from? We […]

Delta-8 vs Delta-9-THC – properties and differences

Delta-9 THC is what is referred to as classic cannabis (weed, marijuana, dope). However, there are other isomers on the market, one of which is Delta-8, a weaker form of THC. Both belong to the cannabinoid family and are naturally present in the hemp plant. While Delta-9-THC is sold in large quantities in countries with […]

Cannabis buds – what it is and what you can do with it

Due to the widespread distribution of CBD cannabis, more and more niche products are also finding their way onto the market. One of them is cannabis buds, about which not so much information is available yet. We know about flowers, extracts and cannabis seeds, but what is actually hiding behind buds? Find out, because we […]

CBD against depression – do the drops really help?

Depression has become a widespread disease. The WHO estimates that more than 322 million people in the entire population are affected. This corresponds to an increase of around 18 percent within 10 years. Even today, there is still stigmatization in some places; people do not take mental illnesses seriously! For those affected, this is an […]

What is CBG and how does it work?

CBG? CBD? At first glance it seems like a spelling mistake, but in fact there are many other cannabinoids besides CBD. One of them is cannabigerol/CBG! Already now, people are talking about the “new CBD” in places, but what effects and what potential does CBG have? CBD or CBG – what’s the difference? CBG is […]

CBD Oil Experiences – What do users say and what can cannabidiol really do?

CBD has been very popular for a few years now, and testimonials from satisfied users are piling up. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid from the hemp plant. The use of CBD is associated with numerous positive benefits, however, research is still in its infancy. Many newcomers to this field have questions about […]

THC and CBD – the two best known cannabinoids

The hemp plant Cannabis Sativa is well known to most people. However, it is often associated with its “intoxicating” effect. However, the cannabis plant as such is not a drug. The THC contained in cannabis is responsible for the psychoactive effect. The cannabinoid is the best researched in the world, but it is not the […]

CBD for pain – does it really help?

For more and more people, CBD seems to be an alternative or useful supplement to classic painkillers. There are already cannabis medications that have been proven to have a positive effect in pain therapy. Such a drug contains the active ingredient THC and must be prescribed by a doctor. Now, initial research results indicate that […]